Building resilient supply chains

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  Manish Choksi
Vice Chairman,
Asian Paints

  Saikiran Krishnamurthy
Founder, Xto10X Ventures

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COVID-19 has changed the way we conduct business -- wildly fluctuating demand, new channels, burdened supply chain networks and new paradigms on the impact of technology or the lack thereof. It has led large businesses and their CXOs and Boards to focus on building and maintaining resilient supply chains.

Pando brings you conversations with business veterans on considerations for the future in dealing with disruptions and how technology would transform their Supply Chains.

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Key discussion points

  • Impact of COVID-19 in the current state of supply chains and how it’ll shape the future
  • The shift towards risk management and building supply chain resiliency
  • Benefits of stronger collaboration in the supply chain and logistics processes
  • Importance of implementing digital transformation in the right way

Event Speakers

Manish Choksi

Vice Chairman, Asian Paints

He joined Asian Paints in 1992 and has held various post across Sales, Engineering, Marketing in the Decorative and Industrial paint businesses and is currently the Vice Chairman of the Board of Asian Paints Limited.

Till recently he was the President – International, IT, HR & Chemicals. As President – IT, he has spearheaded the move to leverage new Digital & IT solutions across the Extended Enterprise for growth and achieving improved business performance. He has been a catalyst for the company’s foray into services such as painting / décor / home improvement solutions as well as new initiatives.

Saikiran Krishnamurthy

Founder, Xto10X Ventures

Saikiran (Saiki) is an active investor and heads xto10x technologies where they fund startups on their journey to transform initial business momentum into at-scale impact and world class organizations.

Saiki led the Marketplace Organisation at OLA which was responsible for the platform that brings customers and driver partners together. The team worked on problems in supply shaping, demand shaping, pricing and allocation and drove both the growth and profitability objectives for the company.

While at Flipkart, Saiki led eKart - their Supply Chain Business. He focused on building new ops and technology capabilities that helped eKart more than triple consumer reach, dramatically improve speed, improve the network footprint and design, and reduce cost per shipment by >25%.

While at McKinsey, Saiki led the Chemicals and Operations Practice. He worked deeply with Indian companies and MNCs in India on multi-year performance transformation efforts.

He spent a significant amount of time at McKinsey on strategy and organisation topics, and continues to be a student of both these subjects - essential to getting the recipe right for a high performance organisation.